Modern finance requires professional excellence and innovative technologies.

Therefore, the CFO consultants of PAS Financial Advisory GmbH founded PAS Power Finance GmbH together with experienced Microsoft specialists. With "tech-enabled" finance, we close a gap between the requirements of modern financial organizations and the Microsoft ecosystem, consisting of business applications, power apps, Azure and partner solutions.

Tech-enabled CFO-Agenda

Dynamics 365, 
Power Platform, Azure

Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure

Microsoft Best Practices

Partner solutions

Financial reporting

Finance optimization

Transaction services

Finance Outsourcing

PAS Financial Advisory and PAS Power Finance – The Power of Two!

Together we offer excellent and innovative answers to the current topics of the finance departments.

IPO Readiness

Professional finance processes and systems


GAAP conversion and consolidated financial statements

ESG Reporting

Integrated sustainability reporting

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Ensuring successful business management

Management Reporting

Relevant insights - reliable and efficient

Planning & Budgeting

Integrated and efficient planning and budgeting processes

Business models (subscription, leasing, projects)

Integrated solutions for new business models and regulatory requirements

Modern finance organization

Modern systems for different target operating models with automation and high user experience

Outsourced Finance

Efficient collaboration with external service providers

Finance for Microsoft Fans

Today's finance organizations face major challenges when making accurate decisions for their business, team, or customers.

We believe Microsoft and its ecosystem offer the right technologies to address these challenges, empowering employees to work more effectively, and let them have fun.
"By adopting innovative technologies, finance departments strengthen its leadership position in the company, creates business growth through efficient and productive use of resources, and ensures better compliance."
Amy Hood, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Microsoft

With Microsoft technologies and partner solutions, efficient and flexible finance ecosystems can be built around finance and ERP systems.


  • Innovative Preismodels 
  • Revenue recognition 
  • Payment transactions 
  • Receivables management 
  • 360° customer view


  • Ordering 
  • Workflows / Compliance 
  • Electronic Invoice 
  • OCR recognition 
  • Dark booking


  • KPIs & Insights 
  • Risk & Cash 
  • Planning / Budgeting 
  • Transparency 
  • Efficient


  • Consolidation 
  • IFRS Compliance 
  • Quality Fast Close 
  • ESG 


  • Tax Reporting 
  • Tax Compliance 
  • ESEF 
  • Regulatory Reporting


  • Efficient expense process 
  • Intuitive time recording 
  • Authorization management 
  • User Experience 
  • Automation

Based on the requirements of our clients, we have developed a PAS Modern Finance reference model for typical finance use cases based on the latest Microsoft technology. We rely on current approaches such as "Modern Data" and "Low Code" to accelerate previous ways of working and reduce development work at ERP level to a minimum. The model is supplemented by partner solutions and is constantly being further developed. It is particularly suitable for customers with Dynamics 365 Finance or Dynamics 365 Business Central, but also with other ERP systems. 

Power Automate

Power Apps

Power BI



Partner solutions

Finance Data


Azure Data Lake/ Dataverse


Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamic 365 Business Central


Modern Finance Assessment

Experience has shown that getting started in transformation projects in the finance department is not easy. Changes today are complex and require more than just a new software solution. Projects must be considered multidimensionally (e.g. data, processes, systems, team) and should not be underestimated both in terms of cost and challenges for the organization
With our Modern Finance Assessment, we offer a closed consulting service to uncover weak points, potential for improvement and meaningful need for action with a focus on the use of Microsoft technology.

Based on proven PAS Financial Advisory questionnaires and checklists, we conduct targeted workshops, individual interviews and reviews of systems, documents and data. We focus on the areas of (finance) systems and data & insights.


Increased efficiency in operational ERP processes
Automation potential in P2P and O2CInteintegration of source systems, partner solutions

Data & Insights

Modern, open data architecture for all reporting requirements
Data governanceoptions for planning, reporting group accounting

Change generally requires more than just a new software solution. We want to approach transformation projects multidimensionally and always consider the use of technology in the larger corporate context.  

In addition to systems and data, we also address the other components of a successful finance transformation:  

  • Corporate strategy / development of the business model  
  • Colleague  
  • Organization  
  • Compliance  
  • Process Efficiency  
  • Financials (financial statements, reporting)  

The scope or a special focus of the assessment is defined in advance. This can be, for example, a rough scan of the financial area, the detailed analysis of a specific department or a concept for the strategic realignment of the finance IT-architecture. In our approach, we take into account the DNA of our clients as well as functional, strategic and operational requirements.  

This is followed by the structured analysis and evaluation of the collected information and the development of options for action in the context of the Microsoft ecosystem. The results are summarized in an assessment report and presented together with an implementation roadmap and indicative implementation effort and benefits.   

With our assessment, it is easy to start the transformation of your finance department! 

Last Mile Finance

"Finance" is more than "accounting".

Especially when companies need a professionally structured finance organization due to internationalization, investors or capital market orientation, experts are required.

According to our observations, many ERP projects in the initial scope do not go far (enough) beyond the necessary processes in accounting. Also, the finance team is often involved relatively late, or it cannot contribute enough for capacity reasons.
“Last Mile Financeregularly presents companies with new challenges. If the internal finance team cannot work intensively on the project, the success of an ERP project is often at risk.”

We focus on "last mile finance" in ERP projects. In the event that the finance department or your Microsoft partner cannot provide the necessary resources for an ERP project, we support you with our professional and technical expertise. 

We are regularly involved in the following questions in Microsoft Finance projects: 

With PAS Power Finance, finance projects become a success! 

Parallel accounting according to IFRS / US-GAAP

Technical mapping of a GAAP COnversion. Parallel value management in general ledgers and sub-ledgers or external solution in a CPM system.

Revenue recognition according to IFRS 15

Efficient mapping of a stitch-unit-related revenue recognition incl. necessary adjustment entries.

ESG Reporting

Structured collection of all relevant ESG data, preparation and consolidation as well as ESG reporting in line with requirements.

Lease accounting in accordance with IFRS 16

Efficient recording and identification of relevant leases including all contract amendments. Correct accounting of leases (payments, lease terms, interest rate).

Consolidation and consolidated financial statements

Transparent legal and management consolidation with extensive but flexible integration into upstream systems (IC facts, partners, transaction types) and automated consolidation steps.

Notes and ESEF Reporting

Efficient management of the notes/attachment preparation process, tagging of all financial statement components according to the ESEF taxonomy using iXBRL technology.

Subscription Business

Flexible support of modern business models, taking into account all current accounting and tax requirements.

Project controlling and evaluation

Mapping of the special features of the project business with regard to controlling, accounting and reporting.


Standardization and acceleration of recurring processes in computing by using Power Automate incl. Process Mining.
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