Financial Service Solutions

With our Financial Service Solutions team, we support FinTechs and traditional Financial Service Industry customers holistically along their specific, current challenges of the CFO, CRO and CEO agenda.

In this context, our particular expertise focuses on the following topics, among other
  • Integration of ESG/ Sustainable Finance into business processes. From ESG governance, data/IT solutions and internal governance to implementing sustainability reporting requirements. 
  • Management of financial and risk targets in the complex field of accounting, regulation and management reporting. 
  • Efficient implementation of existing and new requirements from standard setters and regulators related to financial instruments. 
  • End-to-end implementation and transformation of financial service processes in terms of integrity, digitalization, and use of innovative technologies and methods such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. 


Sustainable Finance & ESG

„The most horizontal challenge in my career”
- CFO of one of Europe’s leading financial service groups -.
ESG and sustainable finance challenges specific to the financial services industry have an ongoing impact and a complexity that makes it easy to lose orientation.
We support you with a clear view of the specific priorities in your institution.
With our extensive experience, we transform "ESG islands" into efficient business processes.
The internal allocation of ESG-specific roles and tasks often still needs to be calibrated to the desired target state across all levels in most institutions. Here are e.g. efficiency, process quality, but also corporate policy aspects to be taken into account in the target picture.

Our teams support with the design and implementation of your ESG governance.

Even with the current mandatory requirements, a new universe of data has emerged, which is usually far away from the data previously available in the company, both technically and methodologically.
The mandatory ESG data requirements for your company, as well as the methods and processes based on them, will expand significantly in the coming years. In addition, significantly more comprehensive and granular ESG data will be required for internal management and for the implementation of your own ESG-related products and services.

Our team supports you in finding the optimal portfolio for your institution from external ESG-data purchase, own ESG-data collection and methodical derivation from inventory data to to to build up ESG-pooling solutions in your industry to find.

Together with our technology partners we support you with selection and integration of the optimal ESG IT- solutions for your challenge.

The development of a suitable internal management for ESG & Sustainable Finance dimensions is still missing at most companies.

In addition to the external requirements for the integration of ESG aspects into internal management, the main drivers for the implementation of ESG controlling are the increased information requirements of stakeholders, the management of external ESG reporting obligations during the year, and the requirements of the market units for the distribution of ESG products.

We support you with our extensive, interdisciplinary experience in the holistic integration into your internal management - from the ESG-toplevel KPI to the product controlling.

The challenges in external ESG reporting increase almost simultaneously in three dimensions:
  • Ongoing expansion of companies affected by external ESG reporting requirements 
  • Dynamic growth in the breadth and depth of reporting requirements 
  • Increase quality requirements by rapidly aligning the audit assertions to be made by auditors with core elements of financial reporting
In addition, uncertainties remain regarding the future-proof implementation of external ESG reporting requirements due to competing standards and, in some cases, overlapping regulatory and accounting requirements.

We are your experienced and reliable partner for external ESG reporting.
We offer from support for strategic decisions through specialist design and implementation to and the assumption of your reporting duties in outsourcing to us, a holistic service package.

FSI Process Excellence

“The FSI Industry has made massive progress in digitizing and increasing the efficiency of its processes in recent years. In doing so, it has also learned from pioneers in the real economy and adapted efficient structures to its highly regulated environment.
The task now is to close existing gaps and ensure that ongoing new regulations and changes are integrated efficiently.“
Our experienced team offers holistic consulting services for the end-to-end implementation and transformation of financial service processes with regard to integrity, digitalization, and the use of innovative technologies and methods such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Whether transforming existing processes or designing and implementing new ones - with our extensive industry expertise, eye for the right jump and the necessary pragmatism, we advise the CFO and CRO areas of banks, asset managers and financial services providers.

In addition, we support your company in the integration of new regulatory and accounting-driven requirements End-to-End in the area of credit, trading, investment and hedging processes.

We are experts in the audit-proof, efficient implementation of internal and external requirements in financial service industry processes. In addition to consulting expertise, our team brings years of international experience from process audits ranging from SSM banks to FinTechs. Together we realize the right balance of efficiency and integrity of your processes.

CFO and CRO areas have been experimenting with technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence for some time, but according to studies, only one in two companies in the financial services industry has a concrete vision of where digital transformation should lead.

The reality in the financial industry is characterized by disjointed data sources and heterogeneous IT systems, which lack both user-friendliness and flexibility; as well as of manual processes and organizational silos, which limit the innovation and responsiveness of the CFO and CRO area with regard to market changes or ad-hoc-requests.

We accompany you on the way to digitization.

In doing so our experts have a wide range of tools at their disposal, which ranges from robotics to cloud computing, automation and analytics to artificial intelligence.

Risk Management & -Reporting

„The challenges of risk management and reporting in the Financial Service Industry can only be solved by CRO & CFO Area together as the required data, methods, processes and competencies become more deeply integrated“
Our team supports with interdisciplinary expertise across the CRO-CFO interfaces.
With our holistic view of financial service industry-specific regulation and risk and financial reporting requirements, we create efficient and audit-proof solutions for your company.
With the implementation of the 7th MaRisk amendment, the consistent integration of ESG risks into risk management and reporting processes, and numerous other new industry-specific requirements, the task in the coming months will be to strike the right balance between quality and efficiency.

Whether transforming existing risk management processes or designing and implementing new requirements- with our holistic experience, the eye for the right jump and the necessary pragmatism we create real added value in your risk management- and -reporting.

The risk reporting requirements for the financial services industry are now a very extensive universe of sometimes overlapping qualitative and quantitative information to a wide variety of stakeholders.

We support you in leveraging synergies as well as ensuring consistency and transferability.

Risk reporting ties up ever more extensive and qualified resources that are not always available within the company or should be kept available for efficiency reasons.

We are your experienced and reliable partner for internal and external risk reporting. In addition to consulting expertise our team brings years of, international audit experience from of risk management and risk reporting from SSM banks to FinTechs to you.

Our range of services extends from situational support for capacity bottlenecks for one-off reporting deadlines to to the regular, complete takeover of your entire risk reporting.

Financial Instrument Reporting

Financial instruments are often the largest and most complex items in financial reporting. Proper initial implementation and ongoing optimization are crucial for correct, controllable and efficient reporting to all stakeholders.

We support you on the efficient implementation of new and existing requirements under the German Commercial Code (HGB) and IFRS as well as the additional requirements of auditors and supervisors that are relevant for your company.

Our consulting approach is based on a sound understanding of their economic perspective. Building on this, we ensure the optimal implementation for your goals in an interdisciplinary manner, from assessment / modeling to controls and documentation to the optimal exercise of options and discretionary powers.
Our range of services covers the entire life cycle of all types of financial instruments. From strategies for balance sheet and P&L management, recognition and measurement, disclosure, notes to the financial statements, to general special regulations - such as hedge accounting - or industry-specific standards, e.g.B. IDW BFAs on accounting for the trading portfolio or loss-free valuation in the banking book.

In this context, we advise both on completely new implementations - such as foundations or licensing of regulated companies, as well as on extensions such as IFRS or HGB implementations, as well as new standards.

Over time, there is almost always a need to optimize the initially established financial instrument Accounting & Reporting. These are often caused by
  • internal changes (such as type and scope of economic business model & control), 
  • external need for action (such as new standards or auditor findings) or 
  • Rationalization measures (digitization and process efficiency) triggered. 

Our experienced Financial Instrument team supports you in bringing your methods and processes to your desired state, creating real added value for your company. 


"Financial Instrument Reporting ties up ever more extensive and qualified resources that are not always available in the company or should not be held in reserve by the company itself for efficiency reasons."


We are your experienced and reliable partner for internal and external financial instrument reporting. In addition to consulting expertise, our team brings years of international audit experience in financial instrument reporting from SSM banks to FinTechs to the table for you. 

Our services range from situational support in the event of capacity bottlenecks for one-off reporting deadlines to the regular, complete takeover of your entire reporting in this complex subject area. 


FinTech Advisory

"FinTechs have different needs than traditional financial service providers. 

We see your company primarily as an innovative Tech & Service Company and Financial Service Compliance as a key secondary requirement in a highly regulated environment." 


Together with you, we implement the extensive requirements associated with the respective license and legal form in an audit-proof but efficient manner. Your specific business model and your growth steps are the measure for the optimal jump height and scaling.  

 Our team has been advising German and European FinTechs for many years, from the smaller and larger challenges in financial, risk and regulatory reporting to holistic IPO readiness projects. 


"Over 90% of German FinTechs expect more effort to meet external financial and risk reporting requirements in the next 3 years. In addition to meeting minimum standards, appropriate implementation is also increasingly seen as a competitive advantage."

We provide you with a clear view of the current and future requirements, prioritize and show the dependencies and implementation options. In doing so, we have a pragmatic and proven process model so that you can continue to focus on building and growing your business while meeting the requirements of auditors and regulators. 


Our implementation approach is tailored to the specific framework conditions of FinTechs and characterized by:
  • speed and agility 

We are able to make quick and high-quality decisions with you. Our teams are ready to start immediately and experienced in implementing resilient solutions quickly in agile project approaches.

  • Tailored suits that grow with you 

Together with you, we design and implement financial, risk and regulatory reporting solutions that are tailored to the current situation but can efficiently grow with the dynamic development of your company. 

  • Focus on digitalization and automation  

Especially the mandatory tasks in financial, risk and regulatory reporting must be implemented in a way that they fit to the DNA of your company and do not become an analog ballast in your digital business model. We can draw on a broad network of strategic technology partners of PAS, but also use the entire portfolio of suitable service providers for you. 


"In specific growth phases or with certain business models, the (partial) outsourcing of finance, risk and regulatory processes makes sense for your company." 

Our services range from situational support in the event of capacity bottlenecks for one-off reporting deadlines to the regular, complete takeover of your entire reporting in the areas of financial, risk and regulatory reporting. 

 In addition, our Finance Optimization Team will support you in the selection and implementation of outsourcing to other service providers. 



Florian Dotzler
Lars Kalinowski