Transaction Services

We help you make the right decisions!

For a transaction to be carried out successfully, well-founded, and reliable information is essential. The Transaction Services team of PAS Financial Advisory AG supports you in your national and international corporate transactions by preparing the necessary information with the necessary analyses and valuations for you.
With a holistic approach, we accompany companies in acquisitions both buy- and sell-side with financial due diligence, M&A support, and exit / IPO readiness. On the other hand, we carry out valuations such as IDW S 1 appraisals, purchase price allocations, impairment tests in accordance with HGB, IFRS and US GAAP as well as employee participation programs in accordance with IFRS 2.
Our focus is on advising medium-sized companies, innovative start-ups, national and international corporations, as well as private equity houses and their portfolio companies.


Corporate transactions often carry risks that are often not apparent in the balance sheet or income statement at first glance. As part of the financial due diligence, we examine the financial information of your potential investment/divestment. In doing so, we uncover any risks with relevance both for the purchase/sale decision in the first step and for the negotiation with the buyer/seller in the second step and present them transparently in our report with recommendations for addressing in the purchase contract.

The purchase/sale of a company or a part of a company entails a variety of tasks with complex business aspects, which must be tackled within the framework of the M&A process under high time pressure and processed in parallel. Depending on the size of the transaction, different due diligences (commercial, financial, tax, legal, etc.) must be carried out in accordance with the responsible departments (e.g. accounting, controlling, treasury, etc.). Furthermore, numerous questions about the target object (e.B carve-out or integration issues, financing of the transaction, etc.) must be answered. We support you with our many years of experience and our capacities to master your M&A process!


Business valuation Values of the parties involved in the corporate transaction can often differ from each other. We support you in determining value with our state-of-the-art valuation methods, whether in the form of an indicative company valuation or in the form of a comprehensive IDW S 1 valuation to determine a subjective decision value as a consultant or an objectified company value in the role of appraiser, e.g. for legal, corporate or tax valuation reasons. On request, we can secure your business decision as part of a fairness opinion in accordance with IDW S 8.

In both the individual and consolidated financial statements, accounting-related valuation events regularly pose challenges in addition to day-to-day business. We help you to properly map company acquisitions in the context of purchase price allocations as well as impairment tests and investment valuations in accordance with HGB and IFRS, show you any discretion and accounting implications and defend the valuation results before your auditor.

For economically meaningful decisions to be made, a solid financial data framework is essential. Our team combines experience in the areas of model build, model support and model review with mathematical, analytical, and operational know-how to be able to actively support you in your financial model, for example in the form of integrated financial planning with balance sheet, P&L and cash flow as part of a financing round or an IPO.


Matthias Seitz