The latest developments of business valuation were talked-up at this year's annual conference of EACVA. Marvin Zimber, CVA from our Transaction Services department represented the PAS Financial Advisory GmbH.

A central topic of the conference was the question of whether potential geopolitical and economic risks have been sufficiently taken into account in business valuations in the past and how these can be countered.

In particular, the accumulation of various risks increases the necessity of scenario planning as well as more stringent risk analyses, as required, for example, by companies in accordance with Section 1 StaRUG.

It is for sure that nothing is for sure!

Business planning is not just black or white when it comes to business valuation. Each case must be considered individually. The intensive examination of the individual factors influencing an enterprise value is essential, as these must be adjusted to the overall situation of the valuation object.

The experienced valuation team among our partner Matthias Seitz supports you addressing these complex challenges.