Foundation of PAS Financial Advisory AG

Stuttgart/Munich/Berlin, Germany - Wednesday, April 6, 2022 – PAS Financial Advisory GmbH today announced a change of its legal form and the founding of PAS Financial Advisory AG.

Founder of FAS AG Ingo Weber, together with teams from FAS AG, establishes PAS Financial Advisory AG, one of the largest independent financial advisory companies for all topics along the CFO agenda.

When Peter Leibfried and Ingo Weber founded F.A.S. Financial & Accounting Services Aktiengesellschaft (today: FAS AG and WTS Advisory AG, respectively) and Akademie für Internationale Rechnungslegung Prof. Dr. Peter Leibfried GmbH (today: Akademie für internationale Rechnungslegung (AkiR) GmbH), also at the beginning of April in the year 2000, they certainly did not think of a disruption of the consulting industry. Rather, they were two young, highly motivated and innovative managers from the auditing firm Arthur Andersen, who had the desire to become independent in the areas of IAS (today: IFRS) and US-GAAP. Soon after, they were also able to win Jürgen Diehm as Employee No. 1 for the team.

More than 20 years later - Peter Leibfried is now professor at the HSG in St. Gallen, Ingo Weber managing partner of an investment company - the consulting industry is indeed experiencing a massive disruption. Pure tech players like Celonis are holistically substituting the manual work of consultants, and tech-enabled service providers like AskBrian or are leading to a significant reduction in staff deployment.

But it is not only technology that is paving the way for a revolution in the consulting industry. Also the corporate culture offers a massive lever to successfully establish as a consulting company next to the long- established players and attract top-talents. And exactly this was one of the main drivers for the foundation of PAS Financial Advisory AG. PAS stands for People, Advisory and Solutions. We deliberately put people first in order to emphasize their importance for PAS Financial Advisory AG, both as team members and for our clients. Only with a great team with real enthusiasm as well as an open and collaborative corporate culture can the top players be won for a consultancy these days.

PAS Financial Advisory GmbH offers consulting services in the areas of financial reporting, especially in the capital market, in finance optimization with the optimization of organization and processes in finance as well as in transaction advisory with support in corporate transactions and valuations. Last but not least, we also offer our clients (software) solutions for the CFO office and consulting services for the implementation of ERP systems (e.g. D365, Workday) or CPM systems (e.g. LucaNet).

The board of the company consists of IFRS and IPO experts Markus Groß and Fabian Grigo as well as renowned LucaNet consultant Thomas Kuhnert. Ingo Weber will chair the supervisory board, which will be completed by the capital market rock Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Blättchen, founder and managing director of Blättchen Financial Advisory GmbH, and Prof. Peter Preuss, founder and managing director of People Consolidated GmbH and professor of business informatics at the FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management.

Together with its affiliated company for modern outsourcing of financial accounting and payroll, PAS will in the future form one of the largest independent and owner-managed consulting firms along the CFO agenda with more than 100 employees and is ready for the cultural disruption of the consulting industry.

About PAS

PAS is one of the largest independent and owner-managed consulting firms along the CFO agenda in Germany. With us, outstanding personalities have come together in an innovative and dynamic consulting company that accompanies its clients on their way to modern finance and accounting. We combine professional and procedural expertise in the areas of national and international accounting, transactions, corporate performance management and modern financial accounting with technical expertise and digitization competence.

The unique PAS team makes the decisive difference for us! We love what we do, enjoy working together and our clients also benefit from this: professional excellence and experience, coupled with the necessary pragmatism and a lot of commitment and passion.

The company is headquartered in Stuttgart and employs teams in Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Berlin.