PAS Financial Advisory is CO2 neutral

PAS Financial Advisory has optimized organization and processes regarding its CO2 footprint and offset unavoidable emissions through certified climate protection projects.

As a young company, we challenged the consequences of our economic activities as a consulting company at an early stage.

In addition, as ESG consultants, we use comprehensive data collection and analysis to help our clients to meet investor expectations and sustainability reporting requirements and translate them into a holistic, individual ESG strategy and implement it.

For this reason, we have set a good example and have paid attention to the ecological dimensions of our company from the very beginning. We have analyzed our organization, processes, business trips and service providers and reduced our CO2 footprint to a minimum. The remaining emissions were offset by certified climate protection projects.

We are therefore very pleased that PAS has now been officially certified as CO2 neutral for the 2022 financial year.

In addition, PAS is also committed to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that go beyond this and will take them into account in all its corporate decisions.